Clothing and Luxury Cashmere Knitwear

“A good cashmere garment belongs to you, reflects your being, reveals your style.”

For the team of Vicolo Dante, the customer is the true stylist of himself. Our job is to fully realise what he has in mind and turn it into a professionally made product. To do this, it is essential to deeply understand the person, his true needs and, often, also his secrets

“Each of our clothing items results from the research and from the joy of transforming a unique matter into beauty.”

The Elegance of Vicolo Dante

“How could lovers of cachmere, like we are, do without the warmth of the precious fibre, with its elegant touch warming up the atmosphere and gently cuddling our hearts?”.

“Our job lays on continuous research, starting from handcrafting the fabric in utter and complete love with the products we make”.